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Sex dating in humboldt nebraska

Two of these were a couple of local ex-convicts, John Lotter and Marvin Nissen.Lotter had just been released from prison a short time before meeting Brandon.The most significant event in Brandon's youth was that she was a victim of incest by an uncle when she was in grade school, a fact which came to light only years later.The records show that she was abused on a regular basis from 1977, when she was five years old through 1981, when she was nine.Falls City had been the site of a mass murder in 1985 when a religious fanatic living in a commune, named Michael Ryan murdered a number of people including a young boy named James Thimm, whom he allegedly skinned alive.After a lengthy jury trial in 1987, he received capitol punishment, and the case is still in the court system. Ryan 233 Neb.74, 444 NW2d 610 (1989), 248 Neb.405, 534 NW2d 766 (1995); 249 Neb.218, 543 NW 2d 128 (1996); 257 Neb. The costs of the murder trial to this small county were staggering and virtually bankrupted the county.

The county seat is Falls City, a town of approximately 4,800 people.

Brandon received an education through the Catholic schools in Lincoln and attended the Catholic high school, Pius X.

Unfortunately, she was expelled her senior year, right before graduation, for a prank and never completed her high school education.

Teena Marie Brandon was born December 12, 1972 in Lincoln, Nebraska and was murdered December 31, 1993 in a run down farm house on the outskirts of Humboldt, Nebraska.

She was the second child born to Jo Ann Brandon, a sixteen year old widow whose first child, Tammy, was born when she was only thirteen years old, and whose husband and Teena's father, Patrick, two years older than her, was killed in an alcohol-related motor vehicle accident while Jo Ann was pregnant with Teena. Jo Ann did the best she could raising her two daughters, but they were classic low-income single parent family, who lived a hand-to-mouth existence in trailer parks.

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